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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09-30Deep Learning and Internet of Things Integrated Farming during COVID-19 in IndiaAbhishek, P.; Ramesh, V.
2019-03-30Deontological Culture of Teachers of Medical Higher Educational Establishments: Preliminary RemarksYevtushenko, Yu. O.
2018-11-30Designing the Professional Career in the Personality’s LifePolishchuk, V. M.
2019-06-30Development of Professional Mobility as Component of Professional Competence in Postgraduate Education SystemPtakhina, O. М.
2019-06-30Developmental Assets in Physical EducationYurko, N. A.; Romanchuk, O. V.; Protsenko, U. M.
2020-06-30Didactic Materials for Creating Online Courses for Distance EducationBukrieieva, O. S.
2019-11-30Digital Product: The Essence of the Concept and ScopesPypenko, I. S.; Пипенко, І. С.
2019-06-30Ecological Competence as an Active Position of PersonalityKliuchka, S. I.; Starovoytenko, N. V.
2020-06-30Education in Age of Global Changes: Threats, Reforms or DriftGarnyk, L. P.; Snihurova, I. I.
2020-06-30Educational Learning and Teaching Methods’ Challenges during COVID-19 Outbreak and a Sudden Transformation Towards Totally Digitizing EducationTaufiq Hail, G. A.
2019-06-30Effect of Sodium Chloride on Morphology Self-Organization of Saliva During Their DehydratationKarabaev, M. K.; Ergashev, E. A.
2020-06-30Electronic Educational Resources as a means of Forming Digital Competence of Junior SchoolchildrenBlyznyuk, T. O.
2019-06-30Electrophysiological Efficiency of Surgical Treatment of Patients with Generalized Myasthenia GravisMinukhin, D. V.; Klimova, E. M.; Yevtushenko, D. O.
2019-06-30English and Physical Education: The Mutually Beneficial IntegrationYurko, N. A.; Styfanyshyn, I. M.; Romanchuk, O. V.
2020-06-30Ethnoculturally Marked Genres of the American and British Academic Administrative DiscourseMolodcha, N. S.
2019-06-30Experience of Applying Computer-Aided Testing in English ClassesLazareva, O. Ya.; Kovtun, O. O.
2020-06-30Experience of Organizing Online Foreign Language Teaching under Force-MajeureLazareva, O. Ya.; Kovtun, O. O.
2019-11-30Features of Statistical Processing of Research ResultsKhmelianchyshyn, Yu. V.; Kliutsovych, H. M.; Khmelianchyshyna, N. M.
2018-11-30Features of the Motivation of Specialists for the Professional Activity in Special ConditionsPrykhodko, I. І.
2020-11-30Features of Psychological Preparation of the Personnel of the Security Forces in the Conditions of Epidemic Spread (COVID 19)Stadnik, A. V.; Vashchenko, I. V.; Стаднік, А. В.