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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06-30Main Psychological Factors of Life Perspective Formation in the Context of Medical-Social Expertise and Rehabilitation for Young People with the Status of Disabled ChildHonchar, Yu. A.
2018-11-30Means for Managing Communicative Lesson in a Foreign LanguageKolbina, T. V.
2020-06-30Medical Waste and Its Negative Impact on the Epidemiological and Environmental SafetyIarmak, T. V.
2019-06-30Medical-Psychological Support for Military-Man of National Guard of Ukraine in Conditions of Hybrid WarfareStadnik, A. V.; Стаднік, А. В.
2018-11-30Mental Health of a Personality: Diagnostics and Prevention of Mental DisordersMelnyk, Yu. B.; Stadnik, A. V.; Мельник, Ю. Б.; Стаднік, А. В.
2020-06-30Message from Editor-in-ChiefMelnyk, Yu. B.; Мельник, Ю. Б.
2020-06-30Message from the EditorManna, Reshmi
2020-06-30Metaphorization of the World’s Image as a Psychological Tool for Discovery of the Students’ PotentialsKostyuchenko, О. V.
2019-06-30Methodological Provider for Students of Foreigners in the Modern Educational SpaceNosivets, D. S.
2020-11-30Methodology for Determining Whether a Blockchain Token Corresponds to a Digital Asset: methodical manualKud, A. A.; Кудь, А. А.
2019-06-30Methodology for Teaching Pharmaceutical Terminology, Botanical and Chemical Nomenclature Using Interactive Teaching TechnologiesBlahun, S. S.
2019-03-30Methods of Psychoanalysis in the Psychological Support of Families of Military Personnel Participating in Peacekeeping ActivitiesIssimova, A. E.
2019-11-30Modern Approaches to the Removal of Large Benign Tumors by Minimally Invasive TechniquesBoyko, V. V.; Hroma, V. H.; Yevtushenko, D. O.; Hroma, Ye. V.
2018-11-30Modernization of Higher Education in Ukraine: Perspective for Physical Education of StudentsPrikhodko, A. І.
2020-06-30Motivational Factors of Formation of Professional Orientation of Future Foreign Language Teachers in the Modern ConditionsGumeniuk, N. I.; Poliarush, V. V; Humeniuk- Chaus, J. K.
2020-06-30Motivational Aspects and Modern Innovative Technologies in the Formation of Professional Competencies of Future Specialists in Higher Medical Educational InstitutionsKorniychuk, O. P.; Shykula, R. G.; Melnyk, O. V.; Konechnyi, Y. T.
2018-06-30New Product in Marketing and Organization of its Production in Modern ConditionsOrlov, N. M.; Kovalenko, E. A.
2018-11-30New Technologies. Ukraine. CultureZhukova, Ya. О.
2020-06-30Peculiarities of Changes in Respiratory Variability under the Influence of Training Load in Athletes with Cardiovascular Overstrain by Sympathetic TypeRomanchuk, O. P.; Guzii, O. V.
2020-06-30Person’s Constructive Behavior in EmergenciesPolishchuk, S. A.