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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11-30Quality of Life in Modern Conditions of Socio-Economic DevelopmentLitvinenko, A. V.
2020-11-30Recommendations to Improve the Mechanism for Regulating Transaction Costs in the Context of Reforming the National EconomyBril, M. S.; Ponomarenko, O. O.
2020-06-30Regarding the Problem of Researching the Peculiarities of the Personality Hardiness of the Future ProfessionalsHrek, O. M.
2019-06-30Research of Influence of Informatively- Communication Technologies Is in Structural Subdivision of Higher Educational EstablishmentKorniychuk, O. P.; Nemchenko, O. O.; Melnyk, O. V.
2020-06-30Resilience of Ukrainian Military Personnel to Perform Tasks in Combat ConditionsPrykhodko, I. І.
2020-06-30Resistance to Post-traumatic Stress Reactions of Vulnerable Groups Engaged in Pandemic LiquidationMelnyk, Yu. B.; Stadnik, A. V.; Pypenko, I. S.; Мельник, Ю. Б.; Стаднік, А. В.; Пипенко, І. С.
2020-06-30Rethinking the Future of EducationEspona, M. J.
2019-11-30Review of the methodological manual “Methodology for Determining Whether a Blockchain Token Corresponds to a Digital Asset”, author Aleksandr KudMarchenko, О. S.
2020-09-30Review of the Methodical Manual “Methodology for Determining Whether a Blockchain Token Corresponds to a Digital Asset”, author Kud A. A.Athavale, V. A.
2020-06-30Sensorimotor Criteria for the Formation of the Autonomic Overstrain of the Athletes’ Cardiovascular SystemRomanchuk, O. P.; Guzii, O. V.
2020-06-30Shaping Learning Environment at the Workshop of Medical Emergencies that will Boost Acquisition of Skills through Perception of Success and Growing Proficiency in Students’ MindMuryzina, I. Yu.; Muryzina, O. Yu.
2018-11-30Smart Textiles and Innovations in Healthcare and BusinessZhukova, Ya. О.
2018-11-30Social and Economic Foundation of the Implementation of Blockchain-Based Systems of Digital Assets in Developing CountriesKud, A. A.; Pypenko, I. S.; Кудь, А. А.; Пипенко, І. С.
2019-06-30Social Identification’s Role for Work and Family Life BalanceIssimova, A. E.
2019-06-30Some Methods of the Leader-Patriot Personality Formation Among the Students in the Study of General PsychologyOleksyuk, O. Ye.
2019-03-30Special Moments in Ukrainian and Foreign Students Perception of a Lecturer’s PersonalityBielikova, O. V.; Dytiuk, S. O.; Krech, T. V.
2020-11-30Specifics of Professional Activity of Future Pilots of Civil AviationBlashko, Yu. I.
2021-03-30Speech Etiquette as the Main Component of the Over-Professional Skills of a Higher Education Institutions’ LecturerBielikova, O. V.; Dytiuk, S. O.; Krech, T. V.; Adamia, Z.
2019-11-30Stigmatisation Problems of Military-MenMelnyk, Yu. B.; Мельник, Ю. Б.
2019-03-30Substantiation of the Term “Digital Asset”: Economic and Legal AspectsKud, A. A.; Кудь, А. А.