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Title: Соціально-педагогічні засади формування культури здоров’я в учнів початкової школи
Authors: Мельник, Ю. Б.
Melnyk, Yu. B.
Keywords: а culture of health
health culture of elementary school pupil
health-forming behavior
socially-pedagogical technology
socially-pedagogical system of individual health culture formation
socially-pedagogical basis
Issue Date: 20-Sep-2010
Publisher: Харківська державна академія культури
Citation: Мельник Ю. Б. Соціально-педагогічні засади формування культури здоров’я в учнів початкової школи : автореф. дис. на здобуття наук. ступеня канд. пед. наук : спец. 13.00.05 „Соціальна педагогіка” / Ю. Б. Мельник. – Луганськ, 2010. – 20 с
Abstract: The dissertation on competition of а scientific degree of the candidate of pedagogical sciences in а speciality 13.00.05 – social pedagogic. Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University. – Luhansk, 2010. Health culture formation pгоblеm of elementary school pupils in the socio- cultural process has bееn viewed in this thesis. On the basis of modern theoretical and methodological approach the current state of the ргоblеm has bееn illustrated, content of leading definitions has bееn defined; model of pupil personality health culture that is presented with structural and functional components, criteria and indices system has bееn developed and established. Characteristics of elementary school pupils’ health culture formation have bееn studied; elementary school pupils’ health culture formation level was characterized. Socially-pedagogical basis of elementary school pupils’ health culture formation has bееn theoretically based and practically examined. Efficiency of developed socially-pedagogical technology of health culture formation leading into the school and of different strategies of its realization has bееn checked experimentally in the socially-pedagogical activity of elementary school.
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