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Title: Psychological Support for University Lecturers’ Professional Self-Fulfilment
Authors: Korniyaka, O. M.
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2019
Publisher: ХОГОКЗ / KRPOCH Publishing
Citation: Korniyaka, O. M. (2019). Psychological Support for University Lecturers’ Professional Self-Fulfilment. International Journal of Education and Science, 2(2), 48. doi:10.26697/ijes.2019.2.34
Series/Report no.: International Journal of Education аnd Science, 2(2)
Abstract: - implementation of all motivational-value, cognitive, communicative, ethical and other features of scientific-pedagogical specialists as signs of self-fulfilment is required for such specialists’ full functioning; - in terms of psychological assistance for such specialists’ personality development and for creation of opportunities for their professional expression, it is important to use the individual and creative approaches for purposeful formation of important personal traits and professional qualities
ISSN: Print ISSN: 2618-0553; Online ISSN: 2618-0561
Other Identifiers: DOI: 10.26697/ijes.2019.2.34
Appears in Collections:Vol. 2, No. 2, 2019

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