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Title: Bullying and Its Influence Over a Personality
Authors: Danchenko, K. М.
Issue Date: 30-Nov-2018
Publisher: International Journal of Education and Science
Series/Report no.: Volume 1, №3-4 2018;
Abstract: Teachers and parents, of course, are not constantly able to protect children from others. It concerns cyberbullying especially in the circumstances of today because even if we protect a child at school and at home, none can protect him in the social networks. The problem of cyberbullying becomes more relevant since teenagers are having a thorough knowledge of technical means and use them for various purposes. The very important work on legal literacy is conducted by the students and cadets among the pupils of general education institutions. As the students and cadets are equipped with theoretical knowledge, they inform the teenagers about opposition to bullying among the minors in such educational institutions. It would be advisable to introduce also so-called “Big brother protect” (info by Danchenko K. M.), which would allow the wishing students and cadets to take patronage over the pupils who have suffered or may suffer from bullying. This program could have a bilateral effect because it would help to form the correct communication skills in students, on the one hand, and to reduce the level of bullying among teenagers, on the other hand.
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