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dc.contributor.authorBoyko, V. V.-
dc.contributor.authorLykhman, V. M.-
dc.contributor.authorMyroshnychenko, D. O.-
dc.identifierDOI: 10.26697/ijes.2020.2.32-
dc.identifier.citationBoyko, V. V., Lykhman, V. M., Myroshnychenko, D. O. (2020). Liver Abscess. Choice of Surgical Treatment. International Journal of Education and Science, 3(2), 47. doi:10.26697/ijes.2020.2.32-
dc.identifier.issnPrint ISSN: 2618-0553; Online ISSN: 2618-0561-
dc.identifier.otherDOI: 10.26697/ijes.2020.2.32-
dc.description.abstractThe main task in the treatment of purulent diseases of the hepatobiliary system is to decompress and rehabilitate the biliary tract, followed by antibacterial therapy, taking into account the sensitivity. 2. In the treatment of liver abscesses it is necessary to use more actively the methods of ultrasound controlled drainage, as a less traumatic, safer and more effective intervention with more opportunities to control the postoperative period. 3. Laparoscopic and open interventions are indicated for multiple and giant multiple abscesses.uk_UA
dc.publisherХОГОКЗ / KRPOCH Publishinguk_UA
dc.relation.ispartofseriesInternational Journal of Education аnd Science, 3(2)-
dc.titleLiver Abscess. Choice of Surgical Treatmentuk_UA
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