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Title: Article Review “Phenomenological Perspective in Researching Immigrant Children’s Experience”, authors Batuchina A., Straksiene G.
Authors: Alaverdov, E. V.
Keywords: children
social phenomenon
unfamiliar country
Issue Date: 20-Dec-2020
Publisher: ХОГОКЗ / KRPOCH Publishing
Citation: Alaverdov, E. V. (2020). Article Review “Phenomenological Perspective in Researching Immigrant Children’s Experience”, authors Batuchina A., Straksiene G. International Journal of Science Annals, 3 (2), 41-42. doi:10.26697/ijsa.2020.2.8
Series/Report no.: International Journal of Science Annals, 3(2)
Abstract: The article of Batuchina and Straksiene “Phenomenological Perspective in Researching Immigrant Children’s Experience” has been published in the International Journal of Science Annals, Vol. 2, No. 1-2, 2019. Migration became one of the most acute problems of the modern world, which involves both political and social spectrums and became a very complex problem, which is very difficult to study from the Phenomenological Perspective. Everyone is well aware that to manage such large surges of migrants is practically impossible, as, for the scientists, they even do not have a united approach to the research of this unsolved phenomenon. For certain reasons people, in most cases, families have to change their dwelling spaces, to move from one country or city to another. Without even considering the physiological stress of the family members, especially children or elderlies. Among the many problems, which migrants face in a host country the most acute one is an adaptation. There is a mistaken perception that children adapt to every novelty and situation easily than adults, however, in this regards children are the most vulnerable. Here the problem is that in most cases, children are not even listed, since parents are concerned about searching for jobs and finding the ways to adapt to a new space. The authors explain that the meaning of migration is minimized for children and that adults do not pay attention to it. However, the experience of grown-ups draws significant attention
ISSN: Print ISSN: 2617-2682; Online ISSN: 2707-3637
Other Identifiers: DOI:10.26697/ijsa.2020.2.8
Appears in Collections:Vol. 3, No.2, 2020

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