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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11-30A Survey on Deep Leaning Architectures and Its ApplicationsAbhishek, P.; Ramesh, V.
2020-06-30Academic Discipline “History of Ukraine” in Higher Education Institutions: Problems, JudgmentsКаdenyuk, О. S.; Zavadska, І. М.
2019-06-30Advantages of Using Semi-Empirical Methods in Teaching Students at the Faculty of Chemistry of Uzhhorod National UniversityKozma. A. A
2019-06-30Archetypes as a Factor of Personality’s ProfessionalizationTanasiychuk, E. N.
2019-06-30Article Review “Substantiation of the Term “Digital Asset”: Economic and Legal Aspects”, author Kud A. А.Yermachenko, V. Ye.
2019-11-30Assessment of Ultrasound Effectiveness for the Diagnostics of Common Bile Duct Diseases Complicated by Obstructive JaundiceBoyko, V. V.; Avdosev, Yu. V.; Sochnieva, A. L.; Yevtushenko, D. O.
2020-06-30Basic Opportunities of Using ICT in Teaching Practical EnglishGrusha, L. A.
2018-11-30Bullying and Its Influence Over a PersonalityDanchenko, K. М.
2020-03-30Changes in Serum Concentration of VEGF Angiogenesis Factor and I-FABP Intestinal Barrier Biomarker in Different Outcomes of Treatment of Patients with Duodenal InjuryBoyko, V. V.; Kryvoruchko, I. A.; Yevtushenko, D. O.; Riabtsev, R. S.
2018-11-30Combined Antegrade and Retrograde Approaches for the Treatment of “Endoscopically Complex” Forms of Choledocholithiasis: Clinical CasesBoyko, V. V.; Avdosyev, Yu. V.; Makarov, V. V.; Hroma, V. G.; Sochnieva, A. L.
2019-03-30Concept “Health Culture” in System of Categories “Culture” and “Health”Melnyk, Yu. B.; Pypenko, I. S.; Мельник, Ю. Б.; Пипенко, І. С.
2019-11-30Contemporary Role of Media LiteracyStepanenko, N. O.; Klimenko, O. M.
2020-11-30Creating a Business Ecosystem Based on Blockchain TechnologyPypenko, I. S.; Melnyk, Yu. B.; Пипенко, І. С.; Мельник, Ю. Б.
2020-06-30Creating a Teacher’s Image by the Means of Self-Presentation: Theoretical and Methodological ContextMarmaza, O. I.
2019-06-30Crisis Behavioural Symptoms Set in Person’s Age DevelopmentPolishchuk, V. M.
2019-06-30Critical Thinking as Philosophical and Psychological CategoryKashubiak, І. О.
2019-06-30Cryptocurrency Possibilities in Target Financing of Public Social PaymentsMelnyk, Yu. B.; Мельник, Ю. Б.
2019-06-30Current State and Trends of Pedagogical Activity DevelopmentMarchuk, L. S.
2020-11-30Current Issues of Territory BrandingZinchenko, O. A.
2020-09-30Deep Learning and Internet of Things Integrated Farming during COVID-19 in IndiaAbhishek, P.; Ramesh, V.