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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-06-30Public Resource Inclusive Center as the Extracurricular Support of New Ukraine SchoolKrainova, T. I.
2018-06-30Information and Communication Technologies in Students’ Language LearningKostikova, I. I.
2018-06-30Physiological and Psychological Development of the Primary School Pupil’s Personality in the Process LaborEducationKotelianets, N. V.; Kotelianets, I. S.
2018-06-30New Product in Marketing and Organization of its Production in Modern ConditionsOrlov, N. M.; Kovalenko, E. A.
2018-06-30Using the Techniques of Reflexive and Non-Reflective Listening at the Stage of Testing Students’ Knowledge during the LessonPerezva, E.; Velieva, M.; Kostrubina, K.
2019-03-30Deontological Culture of Teachers of Medical Higher Educational Establishments: Preliminary RemarksYevtushenko, Yu. O.
2019-03-30Methods of Psychoanalysis in the Psychological Support of Families of Military Personnel Participating in Peacekeeping ActivitiesIssimova, A. E.
2019-03-30Formed Social Competence as Means to Solve Bullying at SchoolsHubarieva, D. V.
2019-03-30Formation of Students’ Creative Personality by Means of Foreign LanguagesKolbina, T. V.; Oleksenko, O. O.
2019-09-30Вибір тактики лікування хворих на міастенію різного віку в залежності від показників імунорезистентностіБойко, В. В.; Клімова, О. М.; Лавінська, О. В.; Дроздова, Л. А.; Мінухін, Д. В.; Євтушенко, Д. О.