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Title: Motivational Aspects and Modern Innovative Technologies in the Formation of Professional Competencies of Future Specialists in Higher Medical Educational Institutions
Authors: Korniychuk, O. P.
Shykula, R. G.
Melnyk, O. V.
Konechnyi, Y. T.
Keywords: computer and information technology
distance learning
computer training
asynchronous e-zine
open virtual universities
healthcare system
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2020
Publisher: International Journal of Science Annals
Citation: Korniychuk, O. P., Shykula, R. G., Melnyk, O. V., & Konechnyi, Yu. T. (2020). Motivational Aspects and Modern Innovative Technologies in the Formation of Professional Competencies of Future Specialists in Higher Medical Educational Institutions. International Journal of Science Annals, 3(1), 8–15. doi:10.26697/ijsa.2020.1.2
Series/Report no.: Volume 3;№ 1 (2020)
Abstract: Background and Aim of Study: During the research the improvement ideas of the educational system were analysed. Accented attention on an advantages of the distance education, and also his roles and place in the system of higher education. As the demand to the quality of the students' knowledge has become the main criterion in employment. According to the new educational standards at the grant of educational services it is necessary to be oriented on the professional qualities of the future activity of the graduate. The aim of the study: to represent the results of theoretical analysis and empirical study of the formation of oriented educational-scientific information-computer environment on the basis of the Department of Microbiology of Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University. Material and Methods: Modern methods of scientific research used in process: an analysis of the systems, biblio-semantic, statistical, empirical observations and information processing of oriented educational information and computer environment in the process of students’ educational and scientific activity. Results: According to the analysis of the obtained results, the key features of the motivational complex of students of higher educational institution was identified. The ways of organization of control and an analysis of students’ success by means of information and computer technologies according to the state standards of higher education. It is offered, new approaches to forming of content of educational discipline. Conclusions: The innovative tools and interactive applications on the basis of ICT will increase the possibilities of studying the discipline of microbiology, virology and immunology in higher medical institutions. What is appropriate in the context of integration of the new strategy of education.
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